Save Your Underground Irrigation By Winterizing in the Fall

Save Your Underground Irrigation By Winterizing in the Fall

Underground irrigation systems are great for keeping lawns looking green and healthy with very little effort. But they can some challenges when it comes time to shut them down for the season. Fall is the time to drain your underground sprinklers, and it’s a task that needs to be performed correctly to ensure you don’t cause major damage to your system come start-up in the spring.

Draining Your System in the Fall

The key to safely shutting down your underground irrigation system before the Calgary winter is to ensure it’s properly drained. Failing to do so could leave trace amounts of water trapped in the pipes, which might then cause serious damage if it freezes. This results in burst pipes when it warms up, which are costly and difficult to repair. Correctly draining your pipes completely is the best way to prevent them.

Commercial and residential landscaping professionals like Mirage recommend blowing your underground irrigation system’s pipes out with compressed air, as this is the most effective way to make sure all the water has drained. Experts also advise against trying to drain the system on your own, since most people lack the specialized knowledge required to perform the task correctly.

Why Winterization Is So Important

Draining is an important winterization task for underground irrigation systems, but it’s not the only one. You also need to safeguard against other potential problems, including those that might affect valves and siphoning equipment. These are typically the most expensive components to repair.

The freeze-thaw cycle puts a great deal of strain on an underground irrigation system, and there’s no telling when the stress might result in a problem that requires attention. Catch this problem early and it will likely be a fairly easy and inexpensive fix. Wait until it’s too late and you’ll likely end up with a huge repair bill on your hands.

Do Tests and Repairs Before Shutting Your System Down

Spotting potential problems is easy when you have a trained professional on your side. They can perform a series of tests designed to spot problems like trapped water, pipe cracks and issues with fittings, draining and siphoning components. The earlier you spot these problems and the more promptly you repair them, the better.

Mirage Landscaping has extensive experience with the service and maintenance of underground irrigation systems. Our team members perform comprehensive tests designed to generate a complete evaluation of your irrigation system and diagnose potential issues. We’ll also carry out any necessary repairs promptly to ensure your system is functioning at peak performance levels before shutting it down for the winter season. This lets you activate it next spring with confidence and start using it right away.

Make Your Drain and Inspection Part of a Fall Cleanup Package

Fall cleanup packages are one of our specialties, and we can customize a service package to meet the specific needs and demands of your property. Essential elements of our fall cleanup packages include:

  • A final mow and trim of your lawn and landscaping elements
  • Debris cleanup and removal
  • Power raking, fall fertilization and lawn aeration that helps winterize your lawn and protect it during the cold weather
  • Removal of bedded annual plants, which helps cut down on pests

Remember, too, that Mirage Landscaping provides affordable and reliable snow removal services all winter long. These services are especially beneficial to business owners, who need to keep their properties safe and accessible to customers no matter what the weather may bring. 

Count on Mirage Landscaping for All Your Property Maintenance Needs

Our family-owned company has been specializing in helping property owners throughout Calgary keep their homes and businesses looking great for low prices. For three generations, we’ve been delivering affordable services that exceed customer expectations. You can familiarize yourself with our work by browsing our online portfolio of successful past projects.

We are pleased to offer custom quotes that allow you to put together a uniquely designed service package, according to your specific needs. Simply use our online form, enter your information and project details, and one of our team members will perform an evaluation and get in touch with you to offer a low and affordable price quote. It’s fast and easy!


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