Schedule Your Calgary Spring Clean Up to Hurry Up Summer!

Schedule Your Calgary Spring Clean Up to Hurry Up Summer!

Could it possibly be true? Could the end of Calgary’s interminable winter finally be in sight?

With temperatures predicted to be consistently above zero for the rest of the month we all may be finally able to get outside and start enjoying the weather. We deserve every minute we get to spend in the sun now! It will hopefully not take too long for the piles of snow to melt, and after a quick spring clean up by Mirage Landscaping of Calgary you should be ready to set up your outdoor furniture and start organizing your planters.

Why Should I Schedule a Spring Clean Up?

Given the relatively short growing season we have here in the Calgary area, it’s best to have your vital spring landscaping tasks completed at the right time for the best results.

Spring aerating: The aeration process either removes small cores from the soil bed of your lawn, or else slices thin, deep grooves into the ground, creating punctures that allow for greater levels of air exchange. It helps air, moisture and nutrients reach the roots of your grass, and also prevents soil compaction. The result is stronger roots and the improved overall health of your grass.

Spring power raking: The primary objective of raking your lawn is to get rid of thatch. Thatch is made up of stems, roots and dead plant material, creating a subsurface layer that can help protect your lawn. However, too much thatch is a bad thing; it can prevent water from reaching the roots of your grass, block airflow and inhibit nutrient penetration. This winter’s snow will have compressed your grass and also inhibited the flow of air, which provides the perfect conditions for developing a thick layer of thatch that should be removed.

Spring fertilization: Fertilizing introduces much-needed nutrients to the ground in order to jumpstart your lawn for the season. It also reduces weed growth by improving your lawn’s natural resistance. A spring fertilization should be followed by summer and fall applications as well.

A Spring Clean Up Removes Snow Mould As Well

Due to the incredible amounts of snow that fell in Calgary over the winter, the chances of snow mould are high. Thick snow cover forms an insulating blanket, perfect for mould growth. Mould spores are always there, in their billions, but to sprout and grow, moulds need specific minimum conditions. For snow mould to develop, all that is required is some moisture, a temperature of about four degrees Celsius, and decaying organic material. And since we didn’t have much chance to clean up our yards and business properties properly in the fall, a lot of us were left with leaves and other organic debris on the ground when the first snowfall happened at the beginning of November. And we all know that it just didn’t stop after that.

Gray or pink snow mould is actually a form of fungus. The spidery strands that interconnect to form the web are called hyphae. It is relatively harmless, but it can inhibit grass growth, and it is quite unsightly as well. A good power raking will break up and remove patches of snow mould so healthy grass can thrive underneath.

A Perfect Time to Prune

Before it gets too warm you can also have Mirage tackle your shrub and tree pruning.

Early spring is the best time to prune in Calgary. For trees and shrubs, a good rule of thumb is to do your pruning before sap starts flowing, which occurs once temperatures are regularly reaching above-freezing levels. Trees and shrubs should still be dormant now, meaning they are not drawing nutrients or moisture from the soil. The cooler temperatures also mean that there are no bugs or creepy crawlies that can get into “wounds” where branches have been freshly cut. Done properly, your trees and shrubs will hardly even notice being trimmed, and will thank you once growing season starts in earnest.

Calgary Landscaping Services By Mirage

Mirage Landscaping is a family-run business that has long been a leading residential and commercial landscaping company in Calgary. In addition to reliable, affordably priced spring clean up services, you can also count on Mirage for seasonal lawn care, landscape design and construction services, and much more.

To get started, please contact us to request a custom quote on your property maintenance needs.


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