Schedule Your Spring Clean Up Early! Mirage Landscape Design of Calgary

Schedule Your Spring Clean Up Early! Mirage Landscape Design of Calgary

Schedule Your Spring Clean Up Early! Mirage Landscape Design of Calgary

Groundhog Day, which occurred in both Canada and the United States on February 2, was one of the few lighthearted moments in what has turned out to be a very long winter. The consensus of the three major groundhog weather forecasters we are aware of, Ontario’s Wiarton Willie, Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam, and Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil, had a split verdict on how much longer winter would last. Only Sam didn’t see his shadow, meaning that the others who did are predicting winter weather lasting through mid-March.

Mirage Landscaping in Calgary is a full-service commercial and residential landscaping maintenance and design firm, and we have been doing a lot of snow removal this winter. We’re pretty sure the famous groundhogs are right. Though the long range forecast for March looks mostly favourable, historically in our area there are usually a couple spring snowstorms. There remains a chance that even as we head towards April you may yet want to consider retaining us for snow removal services.

Nevertheless, the weather will soon turn to the better (we promise!). Like you, we here at Mirage Landscaping are also anticipating the spring. With three generations worth of experience, we know what to expect following a winter with this much snow…a mess! There’s just no getting around it, this year’s spring clean up of yards and commercial properties is going to be busy. The snow came so early and in such amounts that it can’t help but leave behind a lot of labourious work that will need your attention to make your property look its best. Plan your spring servicing now.

A Look At Spring Clean Up Issues

The first thing you will likely notice when the snow melts away and stays away is yard debris and lots of it. Snow not only covered untold thousands of leaves, shed evergreen needles, pine cones, twigs and other organic matter generated by trees during the autumn, it’s weight also undoubtedly knocked down even more twigs and weaker branches too. If you have any trees on your property, they could all probably stand to have a good once over to trim away any dead or damaged areas, as well as clean all of the leftover debris from your lawn.

Will You Have A New Marsh?

Even if your property drains well under normal circumstances, this winter has been anything but. You may find that your property has developed a low spot, or it just doesn’t drain away water as well as it approaches full saturation. Given the amount of snow we have faced, if we also have a wet spring, you may find areas of your lawn or other spots on your property where the footing has become quite treacherous. Though not a normal part of our spring clean-up services, if you need a free quote on rehabilitating the drainage on part of your property, we will be happy to evaluate the problem and propose a solution.

Gravel Messes and De-icing Burns

Especially if you have a commercial property with a little green belt along the public sidewalks, or other small bit of landscaping that may have been subjected to repeated gravel and/or deicing agents, your grass may be choked with tiny pea gravel, or even had its soil salted. If your commercial grass areas come back unevenly this spring, these two mainstays of safe winter footing just may be the culprits. Fortunately, we have vast experience in rehabilitating damaged grasses, shrubs, and other greenery that is most often harmed by de-icing salts.

Standard Services

Whether you are a current client or a prospective one, time will be of the essence as we head into March. We will be happy to swing by your property on your preferred schedule and power rake all of your lawn areas, remove any gravel and other yard debris, edge and rake all of your shrub and flower beds, mow and edge all of the lawn areas, remove clippings, and feed/fertilize all of your lawn and other greenery.

Call us for a free quote. Popular days and time slots for servicing will soon be filling up fast.


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