Schedule Your Underground Sprinkler Service for the Spring Now!

Schedule Your Underground Sprinkler Service for the Spring Now!

It looks like we’re finally going to see temperatures consistently on the plus side starting next week, and things are going to start melting fast. It won’t be too long until it’s time for your annual underground sprinkler service. 

Underground sprinklers are great for saving time, money and water. But they also require regular maintenance in order to make sure they last. If you have an underground sprinkler system for your commercial or residential Calgary area property, give us a call to give it a thorough systems check. A fall blow out should have helped to mitigate any problems that could have surfaced over the winter, but it’s still important to take care to ensure your system stays in good shape. 

Best of all, you can add your underground sprinkler service request to our spring clean up service for your ultimate convenience.

Let Us Know if You Didn’t Get Your System Blown Out

Since we had a very cold October that came on fast and furious, we know that many Calgarians didn’t have the time to properly blow our their irrigation. Don’t worry. As part of your spring underground sprinkler system service we can ensure you don’t run into major problems. 

Your system should have been drained of all leftover water last fall to prevent the freeze/thaw cycle from damaging your pipes or sprinkler heads. Without a blow out, we will have to wait a little longer to service your system to make sure it is completely thawed out. If not, any residual ice could block off a pipe, causing cracking. Ice and stones can also damage the delicate plastic parts that cause your sprinkler heads to rise and fall with water pressure. In a worse case scenario, running your sprinkler system could lead to a major flood.

As mentioned, without a blow out it will take a little longer to be able to start up your system. Temperatures need to be consistently above zero for several weeks in order to test them. Once it’s been warm enough for long enough, we will test your system slowly and carefully to not cause major damage. 

Spring Irrigation Testing and Maintenance

Your spring underground sprinkler service includes the following:

  • Turning the overall system’s water valve on
  • Turning on individual boxes
  • Checking for leaks in boxes
  • Checking each sprinkler head individually
  • Replacing any damaged heads 
  • Ensuring that each sprinkler zone is operational
  • Setting sprinklers for optimal coverage
  • Setting timers to take advantage of optimal watering times

Considering Underground Irrigation? There Are Good Reasons to Go Ahead!

Regular watering certainly helps the health of your grass and gardens, and a professional irrigation system installation by Mirage Landscaping will generate outstanding results, delivering moisture straight to where it’s needed most. Spring is a great time to install an irrigation system, as there will be little disruption to plants that have not reached their full growth for the season. It’s less invasive for your current trees, shrubs and perennials to disturb them before they begin to re-root and begin their growing season. Plus, it gives you the whole summer to get used to your system!

Irrigation systems offer four main benefits:

  • They save you time — you’ll never need to spend hours watering your lawn ever again
  • They save waterby efficiently distributing resources without wasting a drop
  • Maintaining a regular watering schedule is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lawn
  • A beautiful green lawn improves your home’s curb appeal — and that raises its value!

About Mirage Landscaping

For three generations, homeowners and businesses have trusted their Calgary landscape maintenance and constructionneeds to Mirage Landscaping. Working mainly in the southeast area of the city, Mirage’s commitment to unique design and high standards of customer service and craftsmanship is evident in our leadership and crew. The owner of Mirage Landscaping will bring his years of experience as well as his dedication to exceptional service to your landscaping project. Contact Mirage today!


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