Slow Indian Summers Mean More Time in the Yard

Slow Indian Summers Mean More Time in the Yard

We’ve been lucky to have some beautiful Indian summers in Calgary over the past few years. They’re perfect for taking care of some seasonal lawn maintenance tasks while the weather is still nice, including late-summer fertilization that will help you enjoy a beautiful, full green lawn again next year. Indian summer is also perfect for finishing up those other important fall clean-up tasks around your yard and garden.

A Yard and Garden Checklist for Late Summer and Early Fall 

You might not think of Indian summer as a time to apply fertilizer, but it’s actually one of the best things you can do for your lawn late in the growing season. It helps your grass store the essential nutrients it needs to survive the winter and come back strong and revitalized next spring.

Experts also recommend a good fall clean-up:

  • Keep your lawn raked and free of dead leaves, branches and other debris
  • Prune your shrubs and perennials to help minimize the risk of damage during the winter
  • Trim your trees to prevent loose or overhanging branches from falling under the weight of snow or damaging neighbouring property or utility lines

When the cold weather comes, you’ll be glad you took the time to take care of these essentials early.

Planting Tips for the Late Weeks of the Growing Season

With warm days and cool nights in Calgary, Indian summer is an excellent time to plant (or transplant) shrubs and trees. With less intense sunshine, your soil won’t get dried out, and the crisp nighttime air actually helps to stimulate growth. This is especially true when you’re moving pot-grown plants to permanent homes in the soil.

If your lawn has worn down or limp areas, you can also patch them up with new sod or seed before fall hits. Proper planting and fertilization helps grass build up carbohydrate mass while the weather is still warm, enabling it to take root and thrive when spring returns.

Take Care of Those Landscape Construction Projects Before the Weather Turns Cold!

Most outdoor landscape construction contractors are booked solid through the summer months, making now an excellent time to build that new patio or retaining wall. Concrete can cure properly as long as temperatures consistently remain above the freezing mark, so there’s no reason to wait until spring.

Retaining walls are essential if your property has any steep grades or slopes, as they help maintain stability and give you added flexibility in your landscape design. Patios are perfect for outdoor entertaining, and they can also enhance the resale value of your property — especially when they’re designed and installed by experienced professionals.

Late summer and early fall are also excellent times to add an outdoor irrigation system. Built-in sprinklers take the labour out of watering your grass by creating a fixed schedule that automates the process. Today’s irrigation systems are also eco-friendly, and help save water compared to the volume of liquid you would use to manually water your grass.

It’s Not Too Early to Start Thinking about Snow Removal

Winter might be the last thing you want to think about, but the reality is that it will be here sooner than you know it. Snow removal is tedious at best, and heavy snowstorms can make the task doubly difficult. This year, why not arrange for professional snow removal services?

Snow removal services improve safety, reducing the chances of a slip and fall accident and the injuries they can cause. Best of all, they let you stay inside where it’s warm without worrying about the work, all for prices you’ll find surprisingly affordable.

Get a Service Quote from Mirage Landscaping

Preparing your grass for the arrival of the cold weather may sound like a simple task, but the reality is that it is deceptively complex. You’ve got to apply the right type of fertilizer for your lawn’s particular grass blend to enjoy optimal results, and that’s where an experienced professional can make a big difference.

Mirage Landscaping has been one of Calgary’s top commercial and residential property maintenance and construction companies for three generations. Our hardworking pros are well-versed in best practices for fall clean-up in Calgary, as well as late-season maintenance tasks that will help you get a jump on spring’s eventual return.

Mirage is also pleased to provide affordable and reliable snow removal services. Check out our online portfolio of projects, then contact us to get a fast, free custom quote. You’ll be surprised how affordable our professional services are!


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