Spring Clean Up – The Most Important Task You Can Perform for Your Property

Spring Clean Up – The Most Important Task You Can Perform for Your Property

With the calendar winding down on winter, it’s time to start thinking about your annual spring clean up in Calgary. Mirage Landscaping is here to meet all your seasonal property maintenance needs, and our reliable, affordably priced services are just the ticket for property owners looking to reduce their workloads while sprucing up their landscapes.

Prep Tasks for Calgary Spring Clean Up

Looking ahead to your spring clean up but don’t know where to start? Here are three ways to get the jump on spring:

  • Bust clutter in the garden. Winter will usually leave quite a bit of debris in its wake, and you’ll want to remove it from your yard and garden before starting anything else. Also, check your flowerbeds and gardens for dead plants and get rid of anything that didn’t survive the cold weather.
  • Check for damage. Next, extend your damage control to other areas of your yard. If you spot straw-yellow grass, pink or brown mould deposits, or slimy black stems or plant leaves, clear them away. If large areas are affected, you’ll want to do some replanting. 
  • Soil prep. There are two main things you can do to help your soil along. First, get a pH kit and check to see that your soil is in the correct range for the type of plants you’ll be growing. Second, warm up your garden soil by placing a plastic covering over top of it for a few weeks, while temperatures rise. This also helps your soil retain precious moisture.

For further information, please check out our detailed article on spring clean up prep tasks.

Your To-Do List

Once you’re ready, you can proceed with the next phase of your spring clean-up to-do list, which will focus on actually carrying out the important tasks.

Here’s a quick guide to the main items that should be on your to-do list:

  • Aerate and fertilize. Aeration is best performed in spring, when residual meltwater is still in plentiful supply. This essential spring task allows more water and air to penetrate the roots of your grass, encouraging robust growth. Fertilizing is important in all areas of your yard and garden, introducing the essential nutrients all plants need for strong and healthy growth.
  • Mow your lawn. Sharpen your mower blades, and cut off no more than the top one-third of your grass. Of course, Mirage’s reliable and affordable crews will be happy to perform your first lawn mowing of the season with expert care.
  • Prep your shrubs and flowerbeds. Late winter or early spring is the perfect time to prune shrubs and trees, and properly preparing your flowerbed soil will help ward off stubborn and nasty pests all summer long.
  • Consider an irrigation system. Adding an irrigation system is an easy way to be sure moisture is properly and evenly distributed in all areas of your yard and garden. They’re also easy to maintain, help you save water, and are more affordable than you might think.

You’ll also want to give your lawn a thorough raking to clean up any lingering debris and open up the soil for incoming air, sunlight, and nutrients. Another good tip is to start saving your organic waste to turn it into compost for your yard and garden.

Important Dates to Keep in Mind

To help you plan your spring clean up in Calgary, here are some key dates to help guide you along:

  • Late winter/early spring (second or third week of March): This is the best time to prune tree branches and shrubs
  • Early spring (April): Rake and mow your lawn, and get started on your soil prep tasks
  • Mid-spring (early May): Get your irrigation system up and running

Many people are overly eager to start their irrigation systems, but in Calgary, we often have melting snow well into spring, and that means your lawn still doesn’t need a lot of supplemental moisture. Remember, too, that Mirage Landscaping performs expert spring irrigation maintenance and tune-up services that will ensure your system runs properly all summer.

For Three Generations, Mirage Has Been a Top Landscaping Company in Calgary

Mirage Landscaping is a family-run business that has long been a leading residential and commercial landscaping company in Calgary. In addition to reliable, affordably priced spring clean up services, you can also count on Mirage for seasonal lawn care, landscape design and construction services, and much more.

To get started, please contact us to request a custom quote on your property maintenance needs.


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