Stay Safe While Dealing With Downed Trees and Branches

Stay Safe While Dealing With Downed Trees and Branches

Stay Safe While Dealing With Downed Trees and Branches

With over three generations of experience serving Calgary as a full service landscaping design, construction, and maintenance firm for our commercial and residential clients, even we haven’t seen anything like the recent “summer snowstorm” that hit as early September.

It’s one thing to know that in Alberta we have “historically” had snow in every month save for July, it’s quite another to live through history in the moment of its making. We can’t speak for anyone else, but we have never seen so many thriving trees throughout the city as heavily damaged as they have been by the recent storm. While still having the full weight load of their leaves, many of the deciduous trees of the area weren’t yet ready to be burdened by any large accumulation of snow.

Now that virtually everyone has had some time to catch their breath, have their power restored, and things somewhat return to normal, it’s time to take stock. 

Carefully Inspect Your Grounds and the Surrounds

If you haven’t done so yet, make a thorough visual inspection of not only your own trees, but of those closely bordering your property, as well as any on the street that may be the responsibility of the City. Do the trees in your immediate area of concern look the same as they did as before the storm? Look carefully at the vertical angle of the tree, whether any major roots are more pronounced than you remember them, and whether prominent horizontally projecting branches remain on the same relative plane as they used to look. 

Use Extreme Caution Getting a Closer Look

If you suspect any of your mature trees have been structurally compromised at either the root or canopy level, whatever you do, don’t forcefully push upon it or climb into it. Certainly don’t climb into the tree if any part of it has come into contact with either pole-to-pole electrical wiring, or pole-to-structure service lines. If a tree near you has become entangled with the “street” electrical wiring, contact Enmax immediately so they can be apprised of the situation. If you have a tree involved with a wire servicing your house, you need to contact a certified arborist to cut away or remove the tree entirely and make contact with your insurer and keep them abreast of a possible damages claim.

Don’t Lose Your Head

Especially when there is no involvement with power lines, there is a temptation to deal with a damaged tree on your own. Please take a moment and think things through before tackling a difficult D-Y-I project like limb removal, or felling a tree in a residential area. Not only are such efforts especially dangerous under normal conditions, in a tree with suspected structural damage, it borders on foolhardiness. Additionally, without expertise, you may run afoul of City bylaws concerning tree protection. 

Contact us for a free quote regarding any damaged tree you suspect you may have on your property. We can tell you whether calling in an arborist to try to save the tree is warranted, or we can remove a tree, grind away the stump and otherwise prepare the site for a tree planting come spring.

What we never want to see on television or read about in the papers is that someone got hurt wielding a chainsaw upon a ladder. Be smart, play it safe, and contact us here at Mirage Landscaping to do your storm clean-up and tree inspections. Letting possibly damaged trees carry new snow and ice loads across the winter will certainly eat away at your peace of mind this holiday season.


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