Surviving the Bitter Cold in Calgary

Surviving the Bitter Cold in Calgary

We have been socked in a bitter cold snap here in Calgary, and it doesn’t seem like we’re going to see the temperatures on the plus side for the rest of the month. People are already tired of the cold, and we’re only going to get more fed up. 

One sure-fire way to combat the cold weather blues is to avoid it as much as possible. And we can help with our comprehensive snow removal services. It’s not too late to hire us on for the rest of the winter, and we are more than prepared to deal with any kind of weather. 

Mirage is a family-owned business performing snow removal services in southeast Calgary for three generations, and it’s our mandate to make winter more tolerable by taking the heavy labour out of your property maintenance. We are reliable and thorough, and will always have your property cleared quickly … and quietly. We work late into the night and start again early in the morning after every snowfall to ensure your pathways are cleared and safe for you, your family, and your visitors.

But aside from what we can do to help get you through the winter, what are some other ways to get through the next couple weeks in a healthy way? 

Dress Properly

Dressing properly is essential to not only staying warm, but also staying sane in the cold weather. If you are at least comfortable in the outdoors the weather will be much more tolerable. 

In Calgary’s freezing winter climate, layers are the key. Remember to always pay attention to your temperature and avoid sweating, as body heat and cold temperatures aren’t a healthy mix and will make you susceptible to catching a cold, or worse. Multiple thin layers of clothing are far better than a small number of thick layers. Your temperature will rise as you move around, since the body tends to burn more calories in cold weather. Layering your clothing helps you stay in control of your comfort, since you can add and remove clothing as needed while you work.

Here’s a breakdown of how to layer your clothes:

  • Begin with a light, thin, full-length base layer. Long underwear and long-sleeved undershirts will keep drafts at bay.
  • For your first middle layer, choose fabrics like wool or polyester. They are both warm, yet breathable.
  • Add a thicker jacket as your first external layer, then supplement with a waterproof, wind-breaking shell.
  • Remember to take care of your extremities. Winter hats are essential for preventing heat loss, and mittens are better than gloves for protecting your fingers.

Additional Ways to Get Through the Winter Without Becoming Blue

  • Keep as active as possible. You might think we dread getting out there in the early mornings to perform snow removal, but the truth is that even if it is cold we always feel better after a little physical activity. The same will apply to you. Try to hit the gym as often as possible, or even purchase some equipment to exercise at home.
  • Use a light box. The short days are what can really start to get to people, so a light box, which mimics natural light, is a great option for many, particularly those who spend their days in offices with no windows. Light therapy is said to positively affect moods and sleep patterns, both of which will greatly improve your overall mood. 
  • Take Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for regulating calcium and phosphorus in the body and maintaining proper bone structure. Most of us get it mainly from sunlight, but this can be impossible when the temperatures are so low you can’t be outside for any time at all.If you are getting sick a lot, are fatigued often, are suffering bone, back and muscle pain, experiencing hair loss,and wounds are taking an unusually long time to heal, you may be experiencinga Vitamin D deficiency and it’s time to go to the doctor. 
  • Talk to someone. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a very real type of depression that can be quite debilitating and may require professional support to overcome. Counselling can be beneficial for anyone who is feeling sad, irritated or less energetic during the winter months. 
  • Treat yourself. The worst thing you can do when you’re feeling low is isolate yourself. Even though it may be hard to work up the energy, take time to spend with friends and family doing the things you enjoy. 

Professional Snow Removal Services for Calgary Homeowners and Businesses

At Mirage Landscaping, we take pride in providing affordable, prompt and reliable snow removal services that help homeowners and businesses bust slush and banish snow. Our services include driveway, sidewalk, and parking lot snow and ice management, all delivered by experienced hard-working professionals. Visit us online today to get a free snow and ice management service quote.


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