The Best Ways To Dress Up Your Yard For The Holidays

The Best Ways To Dress Up Your Yard For The Holidays

The Best Ways To Dress Up Your Yard For The Holidays

Cold weather, scarves and sweaters, holiday sales, hot chocolate, Christmas music—you know what that means. Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to start decorating! Are you drawing a blank on decorating ideas for your yard? Not to worry, the folks at Mirage Landscaping, your Calgary Landscape specialists, have done the planning for you. If you want to have the most festive looking yard on the block (or maybe in the whole town if you’re really channeling your inner Martha Stewart ;-), use these fun decorating ideas to really capture the holiday spirit.


No yard is truly complete without bright holiday lights. Hang lights on gutters, door frames, windows, trees, bushes, walkways; the possibilities are endless! Opt for LED lights whenever possible for the best long term usage, and don’t be afraid to mix different light shapes and colors. But remember, safety first when installing your Christmas lights. Use waterproof electrical connections, be careful not to overload your breakers, and make sure your ladder is stable and secure. You don’t need to go to your local Christmas light show to enjoy this bright bit of holiday cheer—light up your own life with holiday lighting!


Incorporating greenery adds a fresh, festive pop to your decorating look, not to mention that crisp, clean tree smell. Hang mistletoe from the front door, hang garlands with your Christmas lights, or tack a huge wreath to your door to get your green fix for the holiday. You can even fill a pretty container with evergreen branches and pine cones as an easy way to change up the look on your front porch. Wreath making is a great craft activity if you’re feeling extra creative, or if you’re looking for a fun project to do with your family. Use greens, ribbons, bulbs, pine cones, or whatever else strikes your fancy to customize your very own holiday wreath.

Ribbons and bows

If you’ve got some leftover ribbon from your wreath making crafts, tie them on garlands, tree branches, hanging plants, baskets, and more for a great pop of color. Choose classic red, sophisticated silver, or warm gold to invoke the holiday spirit. Bows never go out of style, and you can never have too many decorations for your front yard!

Jingle bells

Add sound to your Christmas sensory experience by tying bells onto various decorations. Put some on your wreath, hang them from plant holders, or tie some on your doorknob to get a tinkling reminder of the holidays when you go in and out of your home.


Contrary to popular belief, candles aren’t just an indoor decoration. Add some old-fashioned flair to your porch or yard with candles of any shape, size, or color. Spruce them up with ribbons or evergreen branches and let the Christmas spirit shine on!

These ideas are meant for all kinds of decorators: those who have the time and creative spirit to do it yourself, or those who want to put up pre-made decorations. Check your local craft stores for finished decorations or supplies to make them on your own. And finally, merry Christmas and happy holidays from the folks at Mirage Landscaping. Happy decorating!


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