The Importance Of a Proper Spring Cleaning: Landscape Design in Calgary

The Importance Of a Proper Spring Cleaning: Landscape Design in Calgary

The Importance Of a Proper Spring Cleaning: Landscape Design in Calgary

After all of the hard work we have put in on snow removal this winter, we here at Mirage Landscaping, your premier commercial and residential landscaping design and maintenance firm in Calgary, are ready to turn the page on this season. As we work outdoors all year long, we are definitely ready for spring to come. Are your yards and gardens going to be ready to be their best as the weather warms?

Shake Out Your Yard

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. It is crucial to give your greenery and grounds a thorough cleaning up for spring so that your property can take full advantage of the warming temperatures.

Anything left on the ground from last season, be it grass clippings, dead leaves, thatch, dog feces, gravel, and so on, is still there, either decomposing, blocking sunlight and water absorption, or providing a growth media for fungus, moss or mildew. One of the vital Spring Clean Up services Mirage Landscaping provides is power raking. A power rake, which looks like an overgrown lawn mower, is essentially a de-thatching machine. These tools are heavy and more difficult to move than a lawn mower. If you were to tip one upside down, you’d see that the weight comes from the more complicated blade arrangement, which looks not unlike the blades of a hair trimmer or a non-rotary electrical razor. The power rake reaches into your lawn and both cuts and rips out the surface root growth in your grass called thatch.

If you use a power rake too fast, you won’t have done an effective job. If you go too slowly, you will risk scalping bald patches into your lawn. A thorough power raking will not only prepare your lawn for aerating, it will rip and chew up left over leaves, small twigs and other organic debris into piles of fluff that we simply fan rake into piles and haul away.

Make Your Bed

If you ran out of time to remove the remains of annuals from flower beds or if you need a garden patch tilled up for spring planting, we can do those jobs too. Just fill out our online form for a free quote on your desired service. No job is too big or too small.

We will also trim up your lawn and rake and edge tree wells and sidewalks. Grass clippings will be removed from anywhere they don’t belong. Finally, the lawn will be fed with a balanced fertilizer mix to help it bounce back from the stresses of winter dormancy.

Those are the basics of our standard spring clean up services. Of course, your property might have different challenges or more extensive spring tuning up, jobs we are perfectly capable of handling. If your property contains a sprinkler or micro irrigation system, we can inspect and repair it. If you need bark dust, new ground cover, decorative rock, whatever, we have the trucks and crews to deliver it.

This winter, or perhaps a wet spring, may reveal that your property has drainage or erosion issues. We can deal with swampy areas, either through redirecting water away from pooling spots, building up low areas with fill, constructing French drains, or building structural retaining walls if your yard’s situation warrants it.

Mirage Landscaping Services in Calgary

Spring is also the time to dream of summer entertaining. We can build any vision you may have for your property. Whether you’d like a new walkway, a water feature, some decorative boulders or a retaining wall, a new barbecue area, trellises to train creeping vines, or a patio awning, we can obtain any necessary permits and perform the work to your exacting standards.

Take a minute to browse our portfolio. With over three generations of experience in full service landscaping design, construction, and maintenance, you can’t do better than using Mirage Landscaping of Calgary.


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