The Importance of Calling Before You Dig

The Importance of Calling Before You Dig

The Importance of Calling Before You Dig

When southern Alberta is reasonably certain to remain unfrozen, we here at Mirage Landscaping of Calgary find ourselves doing a lot of digging. We do a lot of work that requires plenty of shovels, a backhoe and expert manpower accumulated from three generations in the commercial and residential landscaping biz.


It’s not only a good idea —it is the law. All property owners must locate all underground utilities before digging for any reason.

At Mirage Landscaping of Calgary, we always submit a Locate Request before doing anything. It’s quick and lets us know exactly where everything underground is, including the depth. This information is invaluable. Damaging municipal utility lines is a fineable offense, and the aftermath can be very costly as well…and dangerous. It only takes two business days for a locate request to be completed.

Retaining Walls and French Drains

If you want to level portions of a hilly lot, you retaining walls can make the site. The base of the wall requires digging, as does the shaping of the slope behind it. Also, retaining need to drain properly. All of this means a lot of earth moving!

Patios, Walks, and Decorative Walls

All of these structures require some form of digging or scraping simply to install the materials, and the roots from nearby trees almost always play a part. Dealing with roots properly is essential for a successful patio or pathway, as carelessness may result in heaving. We take care to not only remove roots properly, but to do so in a way that is not detrimental to the tree.

Underground Sprinkler Systems

Underground sprinkler systems are one of our specialties. Not only are they convenient, they are also a great way to save on water. Before we dig, we call, and make sure to lay everything out so as not to conflict with utility lines plus make sure you entire expanse of lawn is green.

Removing Stumps or Transplanting Trees

More Landscaping Tasks We Dig

There is a lot to dig about landscaping:

  • We love planting trees! We have plenty of experience planting and growing everything from a 5ft sapling to large, mature tree requiring a backhoe and a crane to install.
  • After a tree removal, the remaining stump can be ground down with special equipment, and we then level and seed the soil to return everything to normal.
  • Decks and fences both require post holes, and they need to be deep for stability. We also know a lot about property lines and who is responsible for what.
  • Each spring and fall we turn and throughout the summer we keep our gardens tilled to ensure the health of the soil.

Leave Your Digging to Mirage Landscaping of Calgary

For three generations, homeowners and businesses have trusted their Calgary landscape needs to Mirage Landscaping. Our commitment to unique design and high standards of customer service and craftsmanship is evident in our leadership and crew. Contact us for a free quote.


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