Tips for Choosing the Best Landscape Maintenance Provider

Tips for Choosing the Best Landscape Maintenance Provider

Tips for Choosing the Best Landscape Maintenance Provider

Grubworms, dandelions and crabgrass – oh my! You’ve already decided that you’re not willing to wage war against these garden pests on your own. You need help. So, you’ve naturally decided to hire a landscaper. But, your landscaping work has already been done. You have retaining walls where you want them and your flower beds are all in place. The perennials are coming up nicely and you enjoy planting your annuals every year. You just need someone to take care of the landscape maintenance. You need someone to mow and fight weeds. But, who is the right person for the job? Follow the tips outlined below and you’ll be sure to find the best landscape maintenance provider in your area.

Trust thy neighbor
Ask neighbors which contractors they use for their lawns. This is truly the best place to start and for many reasons. You can see the work that is done, and you can see whether it is consistent, but you may also be able to get a discount. When a landscape maintenance provider is already working in your neighborhood, he or she may be able to offer you a savings because the travel time between jobs is cut significantly.

Men (and women) at work
Maybe you don’t get along with your neighbors. That’s okay; we don’t have to love everybody all the time. But, you can still get the hook up with their landscaper as long as you’re around when the work is being done. Just walk up to one of the workers and ask for a card or take down the number that’s printed on the truck.

Finding your landscaper the old-fashioned way
The major landscape maintenance providers in your area will probably advertise in the Pennysaver. If you don’t have a Pennysaver, just check the classified section of the local newspaper. Once you find someone, ask if they are currently working in your area, and then ask for a few addresses. You can always do a drive-by to check out their work.

Crowd source your landscape maintenance needs
There are many sites that will allow you to describe your job and have contractors call or email you with bids. This way, those who are working close by will find you and offer the best pricing. It’s still a good idea to check some references or check out some of the homes they maintain.

Give the kid a chance
If you don’t have a lot of work that needs to be done, you might consider having a neighbor’s kid do the landscape maintenance. If you go this route, though, you must consider what happens if the kid gets hurt on the job. If you’re not sure, check with your homeowner’s insurance company before you make that hire. Of course, no one expects to get hurt, but when you’re dealing with power tools, anything can happen. It’s best to be prepared and think everything through before you make a decision like this. On the other hand, if you hire a professional company, they should have insurance (but be sure to ask). So, if someone gets hurt while mowing your lawn with a faulty mower, it’s not going to be your problem.

Finding a good landscape maintenance company isn’t exactly rocket science. Since this is a service industry, the “proof is in the pudding.” The important things to consider are that you find an insured and professional company who can meet your needs. Oh yeah, and it’s also pretty great that you won’t have to do it yourself anymore.


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