Tips for Reducing Time on Lawn Care: Calgary’s Mirage Landscaping 

Tips for Reducing Time on Lawn Care: Calgary’s Mirage Landscaping 

Tips for Reducing Time on Lawn Care: Calgary’s Mirage Landscaping 

Mirage Landscaping of Calgary is your premier commercial and residential landscaping maintenance and design firm in Calgary. We tend to a tremendous variety of properties throughout the city.

Green spaces can be beautifully landscaped with interesting features and functions while also being, believe it or not, easy to mow and tend. There are several design features you can apply to your property so that it will take less time to maintain.

Create Mowing and Trimming Boundaries

These strategies involve taking difficult parts of your yard out of the mowing and trimming job so as to make anyone’s work more time efficient. If designing your yard, we will focus on two different strategies: man-made boundaries and ones using ground covering materials or plants.

Man-made barriers can be as simple as planting beds, trees and even getting creative with paving stones to incorporate areas that are usually hard to get to with a mower or trimmer.  

Many plots of land around Calgary are built into and on top of slopes, making lawns more difficult and even dangerous to mow. One way to eliminate mowing on tricky elevation changes in your yard is to put in ground hugging plant on the face of the sloping area, particularly if those slopes trend downward to the back side of your house, or promise to drain all over the sidewalk.

Another great alternative is a retaining wall, which can make overall lawn care and maintenance very easy , and colourful, indeed.  We have installed – and maintained – a number of retaining walls around the city, and are happy to provide examples of our work.

Transform Your Yard With Mirage Landscaping

Mirage Landscaping is a full service landscaping design firm. One way to limit your mowing, or permanently eliminating headache-inducing areas of your lawn, is to have us “rebuild” your yard. Whether we are talking about the elimination of a backyard slope through terraced planting beds backed by a retaining wall, installing an entertainment patio, or putting up a decorative wall and walk to face the street, we have the experience and ability to do anything you can envision.

Contact Mirage Landscaping of Calgary for a free quote for any of your landscaping design or maintenance needs. You will never be disappointed.


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