Top Ten Fall Landscaping Mistakes Many People Make

Top Ten Fall Landscaping Mistakes Many People Make

Mirage Landscaping of Calgary is your local full service commercial and residential landscaping design, construction, maintenance and snow removal firm. We have three generations worth of experience making sure the results of our hard work this summer make it through to the next.

Deferring on fall landscaping tasks means increased chances of winter damage, and a lot more work to do come spring. Here are 10 common errors property owners make that may jeopardize your landscaping’s chances of making it through to the spring.

1. Not Doing A Last Fall Fertilization

Your fall lawn isn’t growing at the same rate as during the summer months, and is getting itself ready for winter. Grass adds carbohydrate mass to its root system as the weather cools so that come spring it is ready to rapidly grow again. Not fertilizing in the fall can mean playing a game of catch up next year chasing that green summer lawn you want. Give your lawn a fall head start.

2. Failing to Remove Those Leaves

Raking fallen leaves time and again is the most thankless ritual of fall, but it is essential. Decaying leaves left on walks and other pavement to get wet, icy, or snowed upon are a tremendous slipping hazard. Not only that, left to decay upon concrete, the leaves break down into tannic acid that will stain porous surfaces and harm the paint of automobiles.

3. Failing to Spread Some Ground Cover

Your existing ground cover, or mulch, if you are using it, can often stand to be augmented or replaced ahead of winter. Overwintering plants in Calgary simply have better survival rates and less cold trauma when a nice insulating layer of ground cover is protecting the root ball. Moderating the extremes of temperature your plants or buried bulbs face ensures a better spring rebound or an explosion of hearty new growth.

4. Failing to do Necessary Pruning

Here we are not just talking about cutting back shrubs or rose bushes, but also thoroughly checking your trees for branches susceptible to becoming grave winter hazards. Remember that Calgary has bylaws to protect driver vision and power lines that may be encumbered by branches and that handling these issues now is far easier than in the wake of a winter storm.

5. Not Preparing Your Sprinkler System For Winter

A thorough draining of your installed sprinkler system is essential ahead of winter, especially if parts of it are based on surface placed soaker hose and micro irrigation courses. Trapped water in these systems will expand dramatically once frozen and will damage or rupture these systems, necessitating repairs come spring.

For underground sprinklers, Mirage Landscaping recommends a compressed air blow out, especially for larger systems. It only takes one unexpectedly deep freeze to get below the presumed frost line your sprinkler pipe was buried beneath. Why gamble on the weather when you can force all residual water out of your system this fall?

6. Not Planting Bulbs For Spring 

Now is the time to prepare beds for bulb planting so you can have a spectacular array of colourful flowers come spring. Bulb growing flowers have to be planted below the historic frost line depth and while the ground is still soft. Make sure you know your Canadian growing zones.

7. Neglecting Your Yard Tools

“Rust never sleeps.” Autumn is the time to inspect, clean, and when needed, oil your summer gardening tools before you put them away for several months. A little preventative maintenance can save you from needing to rehabilitate edges or replacing these tools come spring.

8. Neglecting Exterior Home Maintenance

Has the paint started to go anywhere on your siding or eaves? Now is the time to prevent winter water damage through touch ups. Likewise, if you need to water seal concrete or treat your deck you still have time. Fall is also prime time to repair fences or retaining walls ahead of winter. Lastly, clean those gutters out to prevent the formation of hazardous icicles and ice dams.

9. Not Getting Ready For Snow

Snowstorms are coming to Calgary, do you know where your shovel is? Will your snow thrower start? Do you have any de-icer? Consider a snow removal contract with Mirage Landscaping and don’t worry about keeping your pathways clear.

10. Not Contacting Us

Mirage Landscaping is your instant labour force for any size autumnal landscaping headache in the Calgary region. If you need any help this fallcontact us for a free quote on the services we offer.


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