What To Do With Your Annuals in the Fall

What To Do With Your Annuals in the Fall

It’s always a bit sad to watch our colourful summer blooms start to fade out during the fall, and it can be hard to say a final good-bye. Removing your annual can be a difficult chore, but it’s really not worth wishing that they will magically spring anew next summer. The truth of the matter is in Calgary, not very many annual seeds will survive our winters. By not removing your annuals in the fall you are looking at a very tricky spring clean up.

You Are Composting, Right?

If you are equipped to compost, your annuals will decompose beautifully for your spring garden.

Unless your annuals, both flowers and/or vegetables, died from some sort of disease that could spread to next year’s plantings, we recommend using them as “greens” in your compost waste stream. Go through your garden, beds, and planters and simply rip the annuals out, roots and all, shake as much soil from them as you can, and make your way to the composting bin.

Composting Works During Winter

Though the process of composting slows in the winter, it doesn’t cease entirely if you do your part.

Composting is by far the most effective way to recycle both green and brown plant matter. There can be a temptation to leave things in place or to till them under in the garden, but you are essentially allowing valuable organic material to rot or be buried or preserved by the cold. By turning to winter composting, the exothermic chemical reactions involved in decay begins the process of turning the dead annuals into a highly effective and cost free soil amendment for next spring.

Especially when it comes to gardens, not clearing out the dying vegetation, or merely tilling it under, could also attract hungry winter wildlife such as deer and rabbits, which don’t hibernate.

If you don’t yet have a composting system, let us build one for you. We are capable of creating a progressive composting system that fits the volume of your yard, garden, and household organic waste stream, and also one that aesthetically fits in with your outdoor decor.

Fall Landscaping Services By Mirage of Calgary

If you are already having us come out for your last aeration and fertilizing, or having us clear your leaves, or having us drain and blow out your underground sprinkler system, why not have us also clear your annual beds and get you started on some winter composting?

Contact Mirage Landscaping for a thorough fall clean up to prepare your grounds for the long winter ahead. We provide services year-round – including snow removal – and are happy to provide free quotes on any size landscaping job.


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