What to Expect From Your Calgary Snow Removal Services

What to Expect From Your Calgary Snow Removal Services

What to Expect From Your Calgary Snow Removal Services

How did your snow removal go last winter? Did you do it yourself, and in so doing, began dreading the weather reports? Did you have someone do it for you? If so, were they there to remove the snow when you wanted it gone? Did they do a professional job? Did you have to call repeatedly to get service?

At Mirage Landscaping in Calgary, snow removal is not a hobby or sideline, it is nearly half our business in a given year and we take the task very seriously.

Cutting To The Chase, How Are We Contracted?

Each job is different. Each snowstorm is unique. The good news is that based upon objective factors, i.e., the starting and ending date of coverage, the size of the area you want snow removed from, how frequently, and any other terms and conditions we negotiate, you will get not only a free quote,  but a written contract as well.

Why a written contract? It protects you. Let’s face it, slip and fall accident cases are most prevalent in the winter. Our contract with you not only provides written proof that you were doing your best to mitigate the problems winter brings to your property, and provides insurance in the event of an unfortunate accident.

A Calgary snow removal contract with a formal company like Mirage Landscaping also protects your homeowners policy in another crucial way — injury claims by the worker. We have our own insurance against workplace accidents. You cannot say with any certainty that the neighbourhood kid or your next door neighbour, who is ”helping you out” have insurance against injuring themselves on your property.

Of course, the same injured worker protections apply to our commercial clients too.

Contracts also define the terms of service. Maybe hiring Mirage Landscaping would be your first such contract for snow removal services. If you are uncomfortable at “locking in” for a full season from the first snow fall to the last, a modified contract, perhaps one for service upon request, or an agreed threshold of accumulation, can be worked out.

The last place you want to be is confronting metres of snow to clear and calling around only to find that it is far too late “to get onto the list” anywhere.

The bottom line is that we firmly believe that you will find us so prompt, courteous, and efficient that you will hire us for years to come.

How Soon Can We Be Clearing Your Property?

If you do snow removal by yourself, and you are like most people, you wait until you cannot wait any longer to begin removing the accumulation. This tactic makes a reasonable amount of sense for an afternoon flurry that runs only a few hours, but we do get overnight snowfalls here in Calgary that run into the next day and do also get multiple day snowstorms that don’t abate in convenient timeframes. If your driveway is blocked, or the City has plowed a snow wall across your exit, and it is still snowing, what do you do? Our typical contract will see us making every effort, once the snow begins accumulating to the point where removal is required, to get to your property once a day, if humanly possible, and well within Calgary’s 48-hour deadline for snow removal. If you are a commercial client, you might have us contracted for more than one visit a day, to keep your parking lot as safe and accessible as conditions permit.

Where Do We Put The Snow?

We put the snow where you need it to be. If you are a residential customer, we cannot simply clear your snowy driveway or sidewalk into the street and in turn create a road hazard. Your snow will typically be relocated into your yard.

If you are a commercial client, we generally clear snow to a designated area of your parking lot, near a surface drain if at all possible.

Putting Our Experience (And Equipment) To Work For You

At Mirage Landscaping, we have been in the snow removal business in Calgary for over three generations now.  We have all of the crew, skill, and snow removal equipment available to get your job done, no matter how big or small. We have the expertise to not solve your snow removal problem while leaving you a different problem with creeping ice or angry neighbours from where we place the snow we shovel, mechanically throw, or plow either.

Give Us A Call. . .Before It Is Too Late

Actually, it’s extremely difficult to be too late to contact Mirage Landscaping in Calgary  and discuss your snow removal needs. But don’t wait until the snow flies either!

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