What’s the Best Kind of Snow Blower for my Property?

What’s the Best Kind of Snow Blower for my Property?

After the massive dump of snow we got in Calgary right before Christmas, we know there are a lot of people contemplating purchasing a snow blower. But it’s hard to know what the right kind to get is. Do you need a walk-behind version, or one that you carry? What about gas-powered or electric?

A snow blower is a smart purchase for those with larger properties that need to be cleared. But even with a snow blower, clearing snow is tedious and difficult labour, unless, of course, you decide to give yourself a break. Get the best snow removal in southeast Calgary working for you with Mirage Landscaping and forget all about it. We got your back … literally! Professional snow removal from Mirage will free up your time and save you from incurring an injury.

Different Types of Snow Blowers

Generally, snow blowers can be divided into four different categories: electric, single, two, or three stage. The type and capacity that you need definitely depends on the size of your property, and on the amount of accumulation. In Calgary, the average snowfall in November is 17 centimetres, 15 centimetres in December, January, and February, with the most usually falling in March, at 23 centimetres. April can also be a heavy month, with as much as 19 centimetres coming down, even as the days warm up. When more than 20 centimetres (8 inches) of average snowfall, even the most heavy-duty snow blower is rendered practically useless. That means you unfortunately won’t ever be able to throw out your shovel.

Electric or Cordless Snow Blower: These are easy to handle and will work well for about 5 to 10 centimetres (2 to 4 inches) of accumulation. They are best for narrow pathways and sidewalks only, but will not be useful for those who have to clear driveways or roadways.

Single Stage Snow Blower: These are ideal for small amounts of snowfall of less than 10 centimetres. Any more accumulation than that and single stage snow blowers have a tendency to bog down and stall out. With a width of about two feet, they will be able to manage a short driveway without a problem.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers: These larger snow blowers have a mechanism that helps break up heavy snow and send it through a chute, which allows for large areas with heavy accumulation to be cleared with ease. They are heavy and large, however, and difficult to manoeuvre, so may not be ideal for everyone – especially if you don’t have a lot of storage.

Three-Stage Snow Blowers: These are made mainly for commercial snow removal. We have several in our arsenal for when we tend to our commercial properties, and they work fast!

Don’t Throw Away the Shovel Just Yet

When the snow is deep, you will need to take an initial swipe with the shovel before turning to your blower to help clean everything up to perfection. Remember it’s even more important to take extra care when you are shovelling is there is a lot to clear away. Injuries are common, and can be difficult to overcome.

Aluminum and plastic shovels are lighter, and look for one with a bent handle. This allows you to balance the load better and not overstrain yourself. More good shovelling techniques include:

  • Keep a lower profile, and try to concentrate your balance in your body’s central core
  • Use your legs, not your back, when lifting a full shovel
  • Plant your legs and pivot when emptying a shovelful of snow into a pile; don’t twist your body using your back
  • Avoid jerking or extending your arms when emptying your shovel

Professional Snow Removal in Calgary

If you want to avoid the cold and save your labour, you can always count on the snow removal professionals at Mirage Landscaping. Our snow removal crews work around the clock to keep your home or business clear and fully compliant with all Calgary bylaws.

We offer:

  • Prompt services for both residential and commercial properties
  • Expert crews with advanced snow removal equipment
  • Service for parking lots, driveways, walkways, and ice management
  • Sanding services for added vehicle traction on paved surfaces

You’ll be surprised to learn just how affordable our snow removal services are. Get started today by contacting us for a fast, free custom price quote.


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