Why Should I Install Underground Irrigation in Calgary?

Why Should I Install Underground Irrigation in Calgary?

We’re all hoping for a nice summer, which we well deserve after the horrible winter we had. In order to make the most of your time outdoors, we highly recommend installing underground irrigation. Calgary has a tendency to be dry during the summer months, and nobody wants to drag around hoses, trying to keep lawns and gardens moist with inefficient aboveground sprinklers. Not only is underground irrigation the most efficient way to water, it is also extremely convenient and better for the environment. They can even save you a lot of money in the long run!

Mirage Landscaping has been installing and maintaining underground irrigation systems in Calgary for three generations. We can have yours up and running in just a couple days.

Your Underground Irrigation in Calgary Will Pay for Itself

Because of inefficient watering, utility bills in the Calgary area tend to increase substantially in the summer. Nobody wants to waste water. An underground sprinkler system delivers less water more efficiently, meaning your property will look great for less time, effort and cash.

Modern sprinkler systems are installed with sophisticated control units that can be programmed to deliver a set amount of water at a specific time in the ideal amount for the needs of your garden or lawn. Systems can be installed with a number of different zones that use different types of sprinklers to more effectively deliver water. A lawn pop-up sprinkler is lower than a garden sprinkler, as there isn’t need to have water delivered over top of plants and flowers. Garden sprinklers are higher in order to reach areas surrounding shrubs and perennials. 

Underground sprinklers can also be set to only hit the areas that need moisture, so gone are the days of accidentally “watering the sidewalk.”

Another available money-saving feature of automated sprinklers are rain sensors that will turn off your system if enough rain has fallen.

When Should You Water

Most of us are aware that the best time to water is early morning, but do you know why?

In the morning the air is cooler, which means that less water will evaporate before it has a chance to seep into the soil. As well, there is usually less wind to blow the droplets around. The best times are from 4 to 10 a.m.

If you miss your morning watering, don’t try to make it up by watering in the evening. The droplets will cling to the blades of grass throughout the evening and make your lawn a prime location for fungus growth.

It’s also better to water less often but more deeply. Water should reach down to the bottom of the root system, which is usually about 6 inches. It’s hard to estimate exactly how long that will take, so what we’ll do is use a spade to dig down and lift up some sod (replacing it after, of course) to ensure the water has reached the ideal depth. Once we know how long it takes we can set your system accordingly. For clay-based soils like we have in Calgary watering once a week should be good enough, unless of course we have unusually hot weather like we have this summer. Watering too often can promote shallow roots, which are less healthy and resilient than deeper roots, so we try to find the best balance for your specific needs. The same is true for trees and shrubs. Too much water will simply run off the surface and into your gutters, which means you’re wasting time and money as well as water.

Winterizing Your Underground Irrigation in Calgary

Don’t forget to schedule an appointment with us to have us come and blow out your system to prepare it for a Calgary winter. This is an absolute must in order to keep your system in tip-top condition and avoid unnecessary complications in the spring. If you do not properly drain your underground irrigation trapped water will freeze, expand and potentially crack your pipes, causing a leak that will require difficult and extensive repairs. Draining your irrigation will ensure your system lasts for several years without need of repair.

Count on Mirage Landscaping for All Your Property Maintenance Needs

Our family-owned company has been specializing in helping property owners throughout Calgary keep their homes and businesses looking great for low prices. For three generations, we’ve been delivering affordable services that exceed customer expectations. You can familiarize yourself with our work by browsing our online portfolio of successful past projects.

We are pleased to offer custom quotes that allow you to put together a uniquely designed service package, according to your specific needs. Simply use our online form, enter your information and project details, and one of our team members will perform an evaluation and get in touch with you to offer a low and affordable price quote. It’s fast and easy!


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