Winterize Your Property to Make the Cold Months Less Painful

Winterize Your Property to Make the Cold Months Less Painful

Due to our crazy temperature variances combined with immense amounts of green space, property maintenance in Calgary is a hard job. Commercial and residential properties have extensive landscaping needs throughout the year, but a little extra effort in the fall can greatly reduce your chances of an accident in the winter, and improve the likelihood of a healthy and lush green space in the spring. Contact Mirage Landscaping to help you carry out these essential winterizing tasks for your property.

A Complete Fall Clean-Up

Mirage’s residential and commercial landscaping experts are on hand for your fall clean-up duties:

  • Leaf raking and removal: Dead leaves can interfere with your lawn’s ability to prepare itself for winter and regenerate come spring. Leaves left on the ground provide the perfect conditions for snow mould and the spread of diseases. Wet leaves also turn into frozen leaves, which are slippery and can cause falls and injuries.
  • Fertilizing: Your lawn’s final fall feeding is the most important of the season. Fertilizing with a special autumn blend of nutrients before your grass goes dormant helps roots stay strong and nourished through to the spring.
  • Aerating: During the summer, high levels of foot traffic can result in soil compaction, which interferes with grass health. A good lawn aeration will loosen soil to introduce more air and the nutrients from your fertilizer. Both will give your grass a boost.
  • Garden clean-up: If annuals are just left to die in your garden, you’re inviting trouble. Insects and other pests love to lay eggs in decayed plants. Don’t let them get a foothold; make sure your gardens are clean and clear. We can also cut back your perennials to give you a head start during our short growing season.
  • Fall pruning: Once your tress and shrubs have gone dormant (all of their leaves have fallen off) it is safe to prune. Trimming in the fall will allow nutrients to reach the tips of branches faster in the spring, encouraging new growth and supporting old growth.

More Winterizing Tasks

  • Check your parking lots and walkways. All lots and walkways should be thoroughly swept clean of sand, leaves, twigs, pebbles and other debris before the first snowfall. While you’re sweeping up, check for potholes, cracks and uneven pavement. These should be repaired before winter arrives to help reduce the likelihood of an accident or slip-and-fall liability issue.
  • Inspect your trees. Trees with old, worn, or weak branches should be trimmed, especially those that hang over top of roofs and outbuildings. Branches can easily break under the weight of snow, and they can cause major damage to anything in their path.
  • Upgrade your lights, stripes and signs. Darkness falls early during the winter, and making sure your residence and/or business is well-lit improves safety as well as visibility to customers. For businesses, parking lot striping and pavement markings should be refreshed to help guide vehicles along safely.
  • Clean out your gutters. Trapped debris in gutters can freeze into a thick mass in the winter. This can cause gutters to buckle and bend. Additionally, your risk of developing ice dams increases greatly if your eaves and gutters aren’t properly cleaned.

Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services in Calgary: Trust Mirage for Professional Service at Affordable Prices

Mirage Landscaping is a leading provider of commercial and residential property maintenance services and snow removal in Calgary. With winter just around the corner, now is the time to take care of all your property maintenance needs and set up your winter snow management services. Our crews provide reliable and prompt snow removal services, as well as supplementary safety services that ensure your customers enjoy a safe visit to your business.

Our family-owned company delivers a long list of benefits for businesses. For three generations, we’ve taken great pride in providing excellent service at very affordable rates. Discover for yourself just how easy and inexpensive it is to enjoy all the perks of professional landscaping. Visit Mirage Landscaping today to get a fast, free service estimate.


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