Winterizing Your Garden Tools and Storing Chemicals in the Cold

Winterizing Your Garden Tools and Storing Chemicals in the Cold

As part of your home winter prep to-do list, you should be sure to get your garage and shed ready for the cold weather. That means preparing your garden tools and chemicals for winter’s arrival, which improves safety and helps keep everything in great shape for spring’s return.

Before snow removal season starts, the Calgary landscaping professionals at Mirage Landscaping follow these winterizing tips to a tee, and so should you!

Winterizing Your Garden Tools

  • First, use a wire brush to remove all dried debris and dirt from your garden tools, especially the blades. Pro tip: you can loosen stubborn dirt by soaking the tools in warm water before performing this task.
  • Next, get a whetstone and use it at a 45-degree angle, beginning at the outer edge and moving inward, to sharpen dull blades.
  • With sandpaper or steel wool, scrape rust off older metal tools.
  • Fill a bucket with sand and oil to create an ideal storage bin for all your handheld tools.
  • Clean and sharpen your lawn mower blades, and make sure your mower’s fuel tank is empty before putting it away for the winter. If you have fuel-operated power tools, do the same to them.
  • Replace spark plugs, fuel filters, and worn-down parts before putting your power tools in storage. It’s also a good idea to lubricate them now, instead of in the spring.
  • Disconnect all hoses that are attached to outdoor faucets, drain them, and coil them up according to manufacturer guidelines. 

Safe Winter Chemical Storage Tips

Once you’ve dealt with your hand and power tools, it’s time to make sure your chemicals are safely stored for the winter:

  • Pesticides should be kept in the containers they came in when you bought them, and stored somewhere dry and cool with a constant temperature. Make sure that liquid pesticides are not left somewhere they could freeze.
  • As with pesticides, fertilizers should remain in their original packaging. For granular fertilizers, purchase airtight containers large enough to hold the bags, place them inside, and seal them for the winter. Keep them in a dry place.
  • Again, cool and dry conditions are best when it comes to storing plant and flower seeds. Seeds should remain in their packets, but as an alternative, you can put them in sealed glass jars or empty coffee cans. 

All chemicals should be protected from exposure to extreme cold (and heat). Consider moving them to a secure location in your basement or indoor workshop if you can’t guarantee they’ll stay above the freezing point in your garage or shed.

Get Great Deals on Tools Heading into Winter

If you need to replace any tools or add to your collection, late fall is one of the best times to go shopping. Retailers respond to diminished demand by lowering prices, so hunt down bargains for great deals on these essentials:

  • Rakes and garden shovels
  • Gardening gloves
  • Handheld pruners, spades, and cultivators
  • Loppers and weeding tools

Save money and be well-prepared for spring’s return by making sure your garage or shed is fully stocked!

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