Year-Round Commercial Landscaping Services

Year-Round Commercial Landscaping Services

Year-Round Commercial Landscaping Services

At Mirage Landscaping in Calgary, landscape maintenance never stops. Sure, you may spend your autumn and winter dreaming up new projects that we can assist in designing and constructing for you come spring or summer, but the overall care and maintenance of your grounds is our priority year-round!

Whether you are a commercial or private property owner, if you value both your public image and your time, full service four-season lawn maintenance, combined with careful and professional snow removal service in winter, can keep your home or business an inviting place to visit during every month of the year.

As we noted in our last entry, fall is fast approaching, leaves will be falling continuously, and the hard frosts and snow of winter will be here again all too soon for the liking of most. Now is the critical time to schedule your fall clean up service to ensure that your property is in tip-top condition to face the winter and start the spring growth season without the mess and interference of old yard debris from the prior year.

Fall maintenance is a vital step in winterizing your lawn and getting it into prime shape for next spring. In the autumn, it generally becomes a little wetter and cooler in Calgary, taking the environmental stresses of high summer off of your grass areas. September and early October are the ideal times to have us come by and aerate and fertilize your lawn. The goal is to use the remaining warm days of the year to transport vital nutrients and water to the root system of the grass to strengthen it against the freezing temperatures to come. Also, if your lawn has developed a lot of thatch, (dead grasses that lay beneath the layer of green growth), you might consider having your lawn power raked to remove it. Too much thatch impedes the optimal movement of nutrients and water to the active root system of the grass.

It is time for our fall clean-up services. A final mowing or two of the lawn before winter dormancy takes hold, and the removal of leaves, wind-fallen fruits, twigs, and other matter that may become slip hazards once coated with ice or snow, will make your winter a lot easier to deal with. Though you may want your leaves mulched rather than hauled away, leaving them scattered across your yard untouched is not advisable in many aspects. Unfortunately, not all leaves, needles, and cones yet to be shed will fall all at once, but removing this debris means that you won’t get dead or damaged patches of grass in your lawn next spring and that you won’t have plant matter choking the storm drains on the street in the winter should the temperature rise suddenly. 

No discussion of year-round lawn maintenance would be complete without a mention of Mirage Landscaping’s professional snow removal services. As you may already be aware, the City of Calgary is fairly adamant about snow being removed within 48 hours from public walkways adjacent to your property. 

As they say in meteorology, “weather is not climate.” We all may have experienced in what the “typical” Calgary winter may hold, but none of us can accurately foretell when an exceptionally tough winter is going to happen. Why literally and figuratively sweat over what you are going to do if we have several large snowfalls over the course of the winter? Spare yourself the back-breaking work and the inevitable removal problems, by discussing snow removal with us now. We always offer a free quote, and having a professional relationship now means that if the snow does fly beyond imagining, you have someone to call who not only makes time for you, but who is bonded and insured. Call Mirage!


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