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Calgary Snow Removal Keeps Clients And Employees Safe

At Mirage Landscaping in Calgary, we work hard to run the premier commercial and residential landscaping design and maintenance firm in the city three seasons of the year, and be your best snow removal company  in the winter.  We run a professional business,  which means we not only carry workers compensation insurance for our employees in…

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snow removal calgary

Snow Removal in Calgary: Stay Warm When Shovelling!

As Calgarians, we should all be quite familiar with how to dress for outdoor activities here in Alberta. However, whether out of convenience, or through thinking, “It will only be a short time out in the weather,” many of us do not bother to dress correctly for a chore such as snow shovelling. At Mirage Landscaping, …

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Dress Up Your Yard For the Holidays: Landscape Design Calgary

It’s only halfway through December, and you still have time to do some spectacular holiday yard decorating! The following suggestions are simple and economical. At Mirage Landscaping, Calgary’s most trusted landscape design company,  we certainly encourage getting into the spirit! Some holiday lighting tips derived from over three generations  of winter service to our customers include:…

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Get Rid of Ice on Your Sidewalk Easily: Mirage Snow Removal in Calgary

When people here think of outdoor routine winter maintenance, the first thought is usually snow removal. Here at Mirage Landscaping, your premier full service residential and commercial landscaping maintenance firm in Calgary, we can handle all of your snow removal needs. However, there is another unavoidable feature of winter weather that you are pretty much totally responsible…

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Other Options For Shovelling: Commercial Snow Removal in Calgary

Although we have offered several guidelines on how to shovel snow without wrecking your health,  the best tip we can give remains our favourite: Employ Mirage Landscaping  for all of your Calgary commercial and/or residential snow removal needs. For those who insist on doing it themselves, however, there are options other than the ubiquitous shovel that can…

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calgary snow removal, snow removal calgary

Safe Calgary Snow Removal: Avoid An Aching Back!

It won’t be long now until many of us are engaged in Calgary’s least favorite winter sport—snow removal. Depending on how many times it snows here this winter, you might wind up feeling as if you’d played the home half of the Flames’ season before you’re through. As you may know, Mirage Landscaping is in…

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