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Laws For Commercial Property Snow Removal in Calgary

Sooner than you think, you may be looking for snow removal services in Calgary. The time to think about snow removal is before the snow flies in amounts where you will be breaking out a shovel or a blower. Under the legal code of the City of Calgary, specifically Street Bylaw 20M88, as an owner or tenant…

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Benefits of Fall Fertilization: Landscaping in Calgary

If you are serious about lawn care in Calgary, you know the importance of applying fertilizer in the fall to give your grass every advantage in bouncing back in the spring. You aren’t serious about lawn care in Calgary? That’s okay, because here at Mirage Landscaping in Calgary, we can take care of your local…

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Why Drain My Irrigation System? Mirage Landscaping Calgary

After our unusual summer of raining and flooding it’s hard to believe that winter weather is just a couple of months away, more or less. If you are the owner of a residential or commercial underground sprinkler system, it’s soon time to decide whether to drain, or “blowout” your buried irrigation system. Some of you…

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What Are the Best Shrubs for My Calgary Garden?

This posting is the second in our series about plant life suitable for our Calgary area gardens. According to Canadian hardiness zones, our city climate can readily support plant life rated for Zone 2 or 3. This time around, we are going to discuss the somewhat confusing category of plants called “shrubs” (or, to some,…

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